Competition rules

3° International Clarinet Competition Ghent
April 7th till April 18th , 2015


Conditions of admission

The ‘3° International Clarinet Competition Ghent’ is open to all clarinet players born after January 1st 1980, regardless of nationality.
There are no exceptions to this rule.


The deadline for submission of registrations is February 15th 2015 (date of postmark).
Candidates may register using the attached registration form or directly on our website at

Registrations will only be considered as final after receipt of a dossier comprising:

  • An official confirmation of candidate’s age (birth certificate or copy of passport).
  • A brief CV (studies, schools, teachers, professional activities).
  • A recent photograph of high quality.
  • Proof of payment of the registration fee.


The official adress of the competition is:

Mrs. Martine Van Loo
Tennislaan 32


Registration fee

The registration fee for the 2015 ‘3° International Clarinet Competition Ghent’ is 150 € (one hundred and fifty euro).
Payment should be made to:

Grote Markt 21
B-8870 IZEGEM (Belgium)
IBAN BE 48 0688 8909 2327
Account number 068-8890923-27

Tennislaan 32
9930 Zomergem

(text : inscription fee 3° International Clarinet Competition Ghent)
Cheques are not accepted. The registration fee is not refundable under any circumstances.


Arrival, accommodation, transport

The Committee may recommend reasonably priced boarding houses and hotels. The Secretariat will provide lists on request. Candidates are responsible for booking their rooms and settling their bills themselves for the first and second round. International Music Promotion vzw will pay the hotel expenses of the candidates who passes into the 3rd round (chamber of 1 person + breakfast). The 3 prizewinners can be asked (in consideration with the candidate) to stay for a longer period in Ghent. In this time IMP will pay the hotel expenses of the candidate (hotel full board).

Candidates have responsibility to take out a health and accident insurance policy for the duration of their stay in Ghent/Belgium.
‘International Music Promotion vzw’ or their personal, can NEVER be responsible for any accident and illness of the candidate or damage and theft (or robbery) of his/her belongings during his/her stay in Ghent/Belgium.

The competition

Each duly registered candidate will receive an official invitation one week after 15 February 2015 specifying the date, time and place at which he or she is required to register personally in Ghent. Candidates who want an invitation earlier (for visa), can get it after full registration (including payment) on simple request.
A draw will be made at the end of the official registration day to fix the order in which candidates will perform throughout the competition.

The Competition consists of the following stages:

  • First Round: Preliminary part
  • Second Round
  • Semi Final
  • Final (with Ciurlionis String Quartet and Brussels Philharmonic)

All the above events are open to the public.
The results are announced after each round. Decisions of the jury are final.

Prizes and awards

Official prizes

The ‘3° International Clarinet Competition Ghent’ offer the following prizes:

First Prize

  • Set Buffet Crampon clarinets (Bb & A), type chosen by the candidate
  • 10000€ cash
  • Concerts and recitals

Second Prize

  • Buffet Crampon clarinet Bb or A, type chosen by the candidate
  • 4000€ cash

Third Prize

  • 2000€ cash

Fourth until Sixt Prize

  • 500€ cash

The totality of the prizes can be updated.

Special prizes

There is a possibility that special prices will be offered.

Engagements, recordings.

Prizewinners waive all and any rights to recordings and radio or TV broadcasts featured at the ‘3° International Clarinet Competition Ghent’.
Prizewinners undertake to honor, as far as possible, the various engagements offered to them in the two years following the end of the Competition.



The jury will consist of international soloist and professors. The list of the jury will be online by the end of October.
The president of the jury is Gunther Broucke, general manager of Brussels Philharmonic and Flemish Radio Choir.
The juries’ deliberations are governed by internal regulations. Their decisions are final and there is no right of appeal.



After every round (including the preliminary), masterclasses will be given by all the members of the jury. These masterclasses are free of charge for the candidates that are not selected for the coming rounds. Candidates who pass cannot take part in these masterclasses.
The organization committee makes the schedules for these masterclasses. It is not possible to change these schedules. The committee will try to give more than one masterclass to all candidates (comparing the number of candidates). It is not possible for the candidates to pay for more masterclasses than the committee offers. Candidates can only take part in the masterclasses from the moment they are eliminated from the competition.



The ‘3° International Clarinet Competition Ghent’ shall place official accompanists at the disposal of the candidates. One rehearsal by round is offered. Additional rehearsals shall be possible at the candidates' own expense depending on the accompanists' availability. Candidates may be accompanied by accompanists of their choice, at their own expense.


Only the Dutch rules will be seen as the official text.



Inscribing for the competition, means that the candidate accepts all regulations